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Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Three Types Of Music Videos

Within the cinematographic expression of music videos can be found three distinct structural forms of the medium. In order to produce a piece of filmmaking that was instantly identifiable as a music video i would need to gain a full comprehensive understanding of the many archetypes and hegemonic codes in relation to the different musical genres and their video counterparts. By looking at the three obvious types of music video that have been established, i would be better equipped to identify and deconstruct music videos viewed during future research and have a greater awareness of the general form and structure of the medium.

Performance Based

  • Early form of music videos (use elvis as example)
  • Now associated with rock bands/pop bands
  • give girls aloud as an example of its evolution.

Narrative Based

  • Early example (Beatles?)
  • Creation of MTV caused a greater demand for interesting and innovative filmmaking (give take on me for an example)

Concept Based

  • Abstract ideas- a medium for filmmakers to play with (spike jones, keith cunningham)
  • Basic ideas can be explored Ok Go treadmill.
  • Dance music often concept based/ alternative music.


  • Many music videos now mix narrative with performance, narrative with concept or even concept with performance

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