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Thursday, 2 February 2012

magazine advert research

In researching for the magazine advert I wanted to make I mainly avoided pop music magazines choosing instead to draw my adverts from the NME as well as MOJO as this felt in keeping with the target audience my band's music would aim for.

I really liked the faded quality in VILLAGERS advert as it gave connotations of immediate credibility. I also Liked the use of capitals within the font with 'THE DEBUT ALBUM OF THE YEAR' sticking out well.

Comparing this with the Wombats poster I noticed that the key to post posters success was due to them being uncluttered. The key information of band and single name as well as release date really stand out due to a clean background.

The Fryars poster interested me because of its choice separate the words from the picture. I think it worked well and added an extra artistic authenticity to the image and seriousness.

Finally 'THE BIG PINK' poster was a product where simplicity was key and I think this relates to many of the posters within the conventions of alternative rock/folk music. I particularly liked the DIY element of the photo, its textures seem almost tangible.

As well as acting as stylistic influence
my research into magazine poster adverts informed the structuring of the layout of my poster. Most posters featured the record label logo on them, often to the bottom right of the image as well as a media outlet where it could be purchased such as iTunes or HMV.

Going into the design stage of my poster I felt as if I had two choices. One was to go with pure simplicity such as The Big Pink poster, while the other was to add a touch of creative innovation that shape the artistic image of the band. Such as the multicoloured wolf head in the Wombats poster however on much larger scale.