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Friday, 16 March 2012


In the secondary edit phase I decided I wanted to add in titles into my music video as I liked the idea of presenting it as a short film which seemed in keeping with the very arty sensibility that many alternative folk bands maintain.

30 Seconds To Mars

This band are notorious for making their videos into proper narrative films with massive budgets. Although they lean more on the mainstream side of alternative rock it was useful just to know that showing credits at the beginning of a music video isn't totally unheard of.

I liked the simplicity of the font with just the blue colour giving an indication of individual style.


This video exceeded my expectation of what can be achieved within this format of film. Its political slant and the use of music to build the tension of the scene and act as a catalyst to the narrative as opposed to the main focus felt revolutionary. The title coming up in large bold red font over the film was intrusive in a way that at the same time didn't take you out of the video.

Nine Inch Nails - Closer

The titles appear as if on an old style movie card. I really liked this deliberately stylised approach and it got me thinking about the possibilities of what I could achieve with my own credits.

 Coldplay - Paradise

Again not the most indie band out there but its inclusion of its record label in the titles to the video-much less of a 'music film' than the others- was something to be adopted to achieve better authenticity.

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