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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Filming Session 4: The light dies on my dreams of a tree top trail ending

Filming Location: Moors Valley Country Park

Date: 30th November 2011

Crew: Myself (Filmmaker)

Cast: Tom Verrept and Lydia Cresswell (Ribbon Boy and Girl)

Equipment: Canon 600D with standard lens. Battery pack. 32GB SD card. Steadicam and Tripod

Wednesday 2:40pm

Having organised and planned this filming session a long time in advance (see email sent to Lydia right) me and Lydia set off on bikes heading towards Moors valley and the tree top trial but stopping along the way to film shots depicting her character's journey with the ribbon going out of the city and into the forest.

The difficulty we found was that although i achieved some good shots leading up to their encounter on the tree top trail, once we arrived at the location the light was dwindling fast. I decided to shoot the encounter anyways, using the steadicam for a variety of tracking shots. However although I felt I captured enough footage to cover this meeting, the  picture was so dark and grainy that even if I were to adjust the contrast and brightness on adobe premier pro the picture would be noisy and look horrible. I therefore decided that I would need to re shoot there meeting at a later date.


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